17 Riddles With Answers To Keep Your Brain Sharp

7-Second Riddles

Keep your brain sharp with this set of trickiest riddles! Brain games are great for improving your logical skills. If you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve brain teasers and tests at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice some changes in your critical thinking and logical thinking abilities!

00:14 – Only professional detectives can solve this criminal case! Test your analytical skills and attentiveness and try to solve this tricky riddle on time!
02:11 – A set of easy visual puzzles to test your vision and attentiveness! How many of these can you get right?
03:33 – Who is guilty? Challenge your brain by investigating this tricky case with three suspects. Carefully check their testimonies and decide who could do that. I hope you won’t blame a wrong guy🧐
04:57 – Who is the fake doctor? Look carefully and try to find all of them in these picture riddles!
06:10 – A tricky detective riddle that will challenge your skills and test your attentiveness. Can you see what doesn’t add up here just within a few seconds?
08:02 – Hey, seems you’re finally trapped. But you have no time to waste, take your decision quickly! Let’s see how sharp your logic is! Will you survive?
09:03 – Hey, can you see anything weird here? Raise your hand in the comments if you have solved each puzzle in this set!🙋
10:43 – A set of fun but hard logic puzzles to melt your brain! Winter is not only a season of wonder, it may also be dangerous if you aren’t careful (just like the people in this video). Train your brain and take care of yourself!
11:53 – I hope you or your kids never need to put these tips into practice, but still forewarned is forearmed. This is a set of extra useful trivia questions for kids, but I believe even adults will find a lot of useful information for themselves. Before you get the answers, put yourself in that kind of a situation; what would you do if you were this kid? Essential trivia to test if you’re a quick-thinker and improve your survival skills!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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