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Here is a set of 17 IQ puzzles that will increase your brain power! If you can solve more than 12 out of 17 brain teasers, then, congratulations, your IQ is above average! Logic exercises are great to stimulate your brain activity and boost your thinking processes. So be sure to solve riddles every day to keep your mind sharp!

00:14 – A mind-blowing difficult riddle to boost your IQ! Where was the poison?
01:53 – Why did she break up with him? Wake up your brain and test your analytical skills with this tricky puzzle 😉
02:58 – A tricky puzzle that will test your attentiveness and logical thinking! Can you solve it before the time is up?
04:11 – Quiz questions for geniuses only! Kidding, you don’t have to be a genius to answer these fun questions right, but you need to have a turned on brains to solve these brain puzzles!
06:16 – A blood-freezing riddle that only cold minds can solve correctly! Let’s see if you can give the right answer before you run out of time!
07:27 – Short riddle to test your logic! So the husband is a mysterious man, but also a smart one. Are you smarter than him? What evidence (a huge one) did she leave behind? This brain teaser with an answer that makes most people say “WOW! Would never guess! But also… the guy is creepy”! 🙃
08:33 – Where is the zombie hiding? Improve your vision and increase your attentiveness with these tricky puzzles!
10:04 – Why is the wife lying? Warm up your brain and boost your logical thinking with this teaser!
11:20 – Who is her husband? Quickly warm up your brain with this tricky riddle!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of brain games is your favorite!

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