17 Hard Quiz Questions And Riddles That Most Fail To Solve

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If you can solve these hard quiz questions and riddles most of the people fail to solve, then no doubt you have a unique brain! Improve your critical thinking by solving these tricky riddles and as a result get your IQ boosted. Solving tricky riddles for 20 minutes a day increases your intelligence, so be sure to check these brain games out!

00:14 – A crime riddle that will trick your mind and make you sweat! Seems the victim has left a rebus for someone who’s smart enough to crack it. Focus your mind and carefully study the clue; I’m sure you can crack the puzzle before time’s up!
01:55 – Hey, Sherlock, put your hat on! Today you have a chance to prove you’re the greatest detective of all times. You have a few seconds to examine the room and find out the pieces of evidence of the involvement of the house owner before something bad happens. Will you find these clues? A cool detective riddle for the smartest and most attentive ones!
03:17 – A personality test where you will have to decide who deserves being saved from fire 😱 I hope you will never have to decide this in real life (and me either). However, this is a test and you have to choose only one variant which can reveal something interesting about your personality😉 What do you choose?
04:24 – A difficult puzzle to test your logic and improve your IQ level. You just have to find the one item that doesn’t fit here. If you can cope with all these tasks, your brain is young and flexible and does just well!
05:51 – A short crime riddle to warm up your brain and test your attentiveness. It will train your eyes to pick the smallest details, so watch carefully. A cool riddle on logic for adults and kids!
06:56 – Who is the wizard? Look carefully and try to find all the wizards in these picture puzzles! Let’s see who is the most attentive here 🙂
08:34 – Is she cheating on him? Does he have any reasons to think so? Try to find any pieces of evidence to prove it!
09:25 – This tricky riddle will gently warm up your brain and wake you up. It’s not a simple task to be a Mom or a Dad; kids often throw some puzzles your way. If you easily cracked this one, you’re either a parent or a true genius (yeah, all parents are a bit superhuman)!
10:33 – This picture riddle will test not only your mind power level, but will also reveal some surprising facts about your inner state. Look closely at the pictures and pick up the family that seems fake to you. You may not believe it, but your choice can tell a lot about your past that affect your life now. Isn’t it astonishing? Tell me if it said the truth about you!
12:08 – The way we make choices can tell a lot about our personality and some hidden features of character. First of all, if you can choose between two difficult and unpleasant options (or too pleasant and desired ones), you can consider yourself a strong person, a fighter indeed. Next, each your choice can reveal a lot about you and it’s always useful to know it. Would you dare to take this personality test and reveal the hidden truth?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which would you rather question was the hardest for you!

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