7-Second Riddles

Keep your logic fresh and brain fit with these 17 brain games! They will blow your mind and scratch your brain, but at the same time boost your logic and increase your intelligence 😉 Exercise your brain and sharpen your logic with these awesome brain games and share your answers in the comments!

00:14 – John went bowling with his friends. In an hour, his body was found in the men’s room! Who killed him? Turn your brain on and try to solve this crime riddle right on time!
01:34 – Mr. Doodle was stabbed in his own house. A policeman came soon and interviewed the staff. Who killed Mr. Doodle?
02:35 – A set of tricky text riddles with funny answers to tease your brain and test your logical skills! Let’s see if you have enough intelligence and logic to answer these questions correctly!
04:58 – Who killed the scientist? A brain-teasing crime riddle to wake up your inner Detective!
06:14 – Lara was killed in her own house. The police didn’t find any pieces of evidence at the crime scene. But the killer left several notes all over the house! Boost your detective skills and find the criminal!
07:36 – Tricky text riddles to tease your brain and make you sweat! Only a person with brilliant logic and a great sense of humor can crack them and I don’t even know a person who ever solved each of them. Will you be the first one?!
09:03 – Who is the maniac? A blood-freezing crime riddle that only the smartest Detectives can solve! Test your intelligence and analytical skills!
10:17 – Hey, Detective, put your glasses on and rush to the crime scene, there is a tricky case for you! A crime riddle only brilliant minds can solve that’s why we can’t do without you. Collect all the pieces of evidence and analyze the facts to figure out who the killer is. Do you have any ideas? A crime riddle with an answer to tease your brain!
11:49 – If you want to wake up your brain and improve your attentiveness, check this puzzle out! Can You Spot The Killer?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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