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These tricky riddles and answers, logic puzzles and brainteasers will activate your brain, helping you boost your brain and logic. Some of these funny riddles for adults and quiz questions will be way too hard for most of us, but don’t worry, these picture puzzles come with answers! If you’re ready to exercise your brain, then let’s get to it right away:

00:14 – A short riddle to boost your imagination and test your sense of humor! This is one of those riddles where the answer is really obvious, but no one except true geniuses can find it. This must be because all of us tend to overthink unimportant things and pay attention to what has no meaning at all. Anyway, if you managed to solve this short riddle with answer in time, then you are smarter than 80% of people and can set priorities very well! How many geniuses are here now? 😉
01:17 – A set of cool emoji puzzles and fun emoji quiz to tease and stretch your brain! These visual puzzles with answers will test your logic and associative thinking and show if you’re a quick-thinker. Tell me in the comments how many of them you got right!
03:30 – A mystery riddle making you face the most difficult choice in your life! Sometimes we have to sacrifice something really precious to save more important things (or people). What would be your choice? A mind-blowing riddle with answer to test how quickly you can take decisions!
04:40 – No matter if you’re a student now or finished your studies long time ago, it’s always important to know what you can do, isn’t it? This short set of quiz questions and general knowledge questions will show if you’re smart enough for high school at the moment! If you can answer at least 2/3 of these easy riddles, your mind is as sharp as a blade and you can be accepted to high school RIGHT NOW! 😉 Tricky quiz with answers to boost your brain and test how intelligent and quick-minded you are!
07:02 – A magic duel where only one can survive! Has this already made you sweat? Not yet? Seems you’re brave (or just underestimate the danger, but this is almost the same). Anyway, you have a chance to pick your weapon and you should make the best of it. I already know what weapon I would choose, and you? Let’s see if your logic and common sense let you survive. A mysteriy riddle with answer for the bravest and smartest solvers that will give your brain a good kick-start this morning 😜
08:19 – A tricky riddle to test if you have already waken up or are still sleeping and dreaming😜 This short riddle will require all your attention and concentration as it’s really hard to spot the mistake (all my friends failed to find it). If you turn on your brain and focus hard on the riddle, you have a chance to crack it in time and prove you’re a genius once again😉 A riddle with answer for a fun brain workout will not only exercise your brain, but also make you smile☀️
09:32 – The way we make choices can tell a lot about our personality and some hidden features of character. First of all, if you can choose between two difficult and unpleasant options (or too pleasant and desired ones), you can consider yourself a strong person, a fighter indeed. This Would you rather test will reveal a lot about you and it’s always useful to know it. Would you dare to take this personality test and reveal the hidden truth?
10:54 – A tricky survival riddle to test your logical thinking and common sense. You will have to find the only way out and do it quickly until you ran out of oxygen! Come on, turn on your brain, I know you will find the tunnel leading outside. A riddle with answer to make you stretch your brain!
12:00 – Logic puzzle to train your brain and boost your analytical skills.
12:43 – A short brain teaser that will itch your brain and wake up your logic and imagination, so don’t neglect light warming up😉

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