7-Second Riddles

Boil your brain with a set of 16 tricks and riddles! Solving riddles is a nice way to boost your logic and critical thinking. If you can solve at least 12 out of 16 then you have a well-trained brain for sure! Solve riddles like these on a daily basis to improve your IQ and intelligence. Don’t forget to share your answers to the most difficult puzzles:

00:14 – Hey, Detective, put on your hat on and let’s go to the crime scene. I bet you’ll find something interesting there! This tricky riddle will challenge all your mental powers and make you puzzle over until your head spins around. Seriously, did you get how it happened? I didn’t and neither did my friends 🤔
01:15 – A difficult picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! You will have to stretch your brain and be creative to uncover where the killers are hiding. Be attentive and careful! Your life is on the line here!
02:42 – This tricky word puzzle will reveal your dark side😈 I bet you won’t answer these questions without at least one dirty thought at all! Let’s check if you can think quickly under this pressure 😁 How many of them did you solve?
04:21 – This is a hard picture puzzle to test your vision and logic. If you’re observant and quick-thinking it’s really easy to spot the suspicious on in the picture. If not…well, I hope you’ll survive if run across one of them in the street😉🧟‍♀️
05:45 – A fun picture puzzle that will amaze you and make you feel proud of mankind😃All these things are actual inventions so you will have to think outside the box to find out their purpose. I failed almost all of them, but if you’re a creative thinker, you will definitely crack them all!
08:10 – A fun picture puzzle to test your logic and boost your brain! How can you identify who the vampire is? What tips do you know? Stretch your brain with this simple visual test and let me know your result!
09:25 – Hey, Detective, put your hat on, we have a difficult case here! The problem is that the weapon is almost completely broken, so we just don’t know what to do! It seems like it’s your finest hour today🕵 Will your brilliant logic help you this time? A crime riddle with an answer for the best detectives!
10:39 – A thrilling picture puzzle to test your logic and general knowledge base. If you can do this, you’re either an incredibly smart student or a professional!
11:46 – A short brain teaser to warm you up before more serious brain exercises! It will itch your brain and wake up your logic and imagination, so don’t neglect light warming up😉
12:25 – This incredible math puzzle or I would better say math trick will leave you with your mouth frozen open in shock! I tried it many times and the result was always correct, and what about yours? Enjoy this fun puzzle and use it to impress your friends!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you think for a while before answering!

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