7-Second Riddles

These 16 riddles with answers (and one without) will test your critical thinking, ability to think fast and right under pressure:

00:14 – Hard riddles with answers.
Oh, this is thrilling! It seems that if you know some information, you should never give it away😦 An attentive person can always have another one figured, because they catch every small detail and never miss hints. Let’s check if you’re one of such people! Can you crack this hard riddles with answers and figure the password out without any obvious prompts? If you do, then you’re one of the smartest people in the world! (and I’m not)
01:34 – Guess the words – Logic puzzles to test your logic.
03:27 – Mystery riddles with answer.
A mystery riddle with answer to make you sweat and rack your brain! Even brilliant minds can hardly solve this short riddle, will you do it? If it can make you feel more comfortable, I failed and so did everyone I know😜
04:51 – Who would you choose? – Tricky riddle.
One of the best riddles on making the right choice! This cool riddle teaches people not to be quick on judgements! To be able to make the right decision, you need all the possible information, but more importantly, you have to be able to process the information properly. This tricky riddle will remind you once again that sometimes the obvious choice is not the one you should go for 😅
06:35 – Who is the thief? – Tricky crime riddle for true detectives only.
08:16 – Visual puzzles – Riddles with answer.
The cutest visual puzzles and riddles with answer ever that you can turn on to chill your brain after a tough day, a nice brain workout or just show to your kids to teach them letters! Look at the picture for a moment and try to find out where the letter is hidden. Found that? So didn’t I😁
10:16 – Crime riddle.
Hey, Sherlock, put on your gloves as we need your brilliant deduction skills right now! The police still can’t get if it is a case of crime or suicide? There’re a lot of evidences, but only you can put things in the right perspective. Turn on your brain, there’s no time to lose!
11:15 – What am I riddles and funny text riddles for kids and adults.
12:59 – Funny riddle to test your logic and ability to think outside the box. Nobody (including me) managed to crack this, so SHARE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last tricky picture puzzle.

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