16 Quiz Questions And Detective Riddles For Exclusive Minds Only

7-Second Riddles

Warm up your brain with a mix of quiz questions and detective riddles for exclusive minds only! If you can deal with these difficult riddles on time, then your brains made of steel for sure! Test your logic and ability to solve difficult tasks by solving this set of puzzle games. Brain exercises are great for you to spend spare time and at the same time train your logical thinking skills.

00:14 – A mysterious story about a girl who has run away from home. Why even young people do this…I don’t know and you? Anyway, you will have to solve this riddle and find the reason why she did it before anything bad happens. So what do you think?
02:08 – A tragedy happened at a party on a Saturday evening. Little Bobby was killed and no one knows who could do this. We need some practical help so we called the best detective in the city – YOU! Can you crack this crime riddle before the parents have come home?
03:50 – A super hard logic puzzle for the professional riddles solver! Can you crack the code before the time is up?
04:59 – Even Santa can step a wrong path one day! But he has true friends who help him escape from jail. Can you find who is lying to cover for Santa? Use your logic and be attentive!
06:06 – Hey, seems Lana has just come up with another excellent plan! I was beginning to think she found her true love😀 Can you guess how she’s planning to get rid of her new boyfriend (almost husband)? A crime riddle for brilliant minds (just like Lana).
07:56 – A picture test for advanced solvers only! Prove that you’re a real PRO by solving all the puzzles in this mega set. Which one was the most difficult?
09:33 – A mysterious crime riddle that will make you rack your brain! Only those who can pay attention to details and draw conclusions will crack this brain teaser.
11:14 – These tricky riddles and fun quiz questions will blow your mind away and make you sweat and smile at one and the same time! There is nothing better than a nice brain teaser to warm you up before a long day☀️☀️☀️
12:39 – Right now you need to use all your logic and attentiveness to solve this tricky visual puzzle! Who is the killer?! A, B, or C? Leave your answers in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last riddle!

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