7-Second Riddles

Increase your intelligence with a set of 16 mystery and crime riddles with answers! Some of the puzzles will make you think ahead before giving an answer. Pay attention to small details and finding the right answers to these tricky riddles and quizzes won’t become a problem for you!

00:14 – Which page is fake? Turn on your logical skills and try to solve this tricky brain teaser!
01:14 – Challenge your brain power with this mysterious riddle on escape. You will have to remember everything you know about dark creatures (just ‘Twilight’ won’t be enough) to escape this haunted castle. But if you don’t panic and use 100% of your brain power, you will surely survive! I think so…yeah…
02:33 – Test your IQ with this logic brain teaser! Turn on your brain power and try to find an alien before the time is up!
03:53 – A mysterious and thrilling riddle to warm up your brain and lighten your mood because this riddle is really fun (though it’s scary a bit, so don’t probably watch it at night🧛‍♂️)! You will need to recollect everything you know about vampires (Twilight is OK) to make your choice quickly and save your life. So, arm yourself with your logic and sense of humor and you will survive this night!
05:24 – Try this fun quiz that will check how attentive to details you are! It says ‘find the scientific mistake’, but you will need no special knowledge that goes beyond just general knowledge, common sense and logic. Alright, now look at the picture and tell me what absolutely cannot be happening in real life!
07:24 – A hard logical riddle to make the only right choice. Are you ready to face cruel vampire hunters and survive this experience?😜 What are your strengths and weaknesses that can save or destroy you? A riddle with an answer for the smartest people ever!
09:04 – Alright, Sherlock, this crime riddle may seem too easy for your brilliant mind, but we need your help so badly! Only you can connect the dots and expose the criminal. And while there’s a professional there at the crime scene, we can sit back, pause the video and try to crack this brain teaser by ourselves😉
10:06 – A cool picture puzzle that will test your skills and warm up your brain. You have to be really attentive and think outside the box to find all of them. If you cracked at least a half of them, you can definitely become a vampire hunter😉
11:53 – This crime riddle will make any lawyer rack their brain desperately. You never know how a situation turns out and sometimes genuinely unbelievable things can happen.
13:33 – Which vampire is not rich? A visual quiz to test your logic and attentiveness to the details!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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