7-Second Riddles

Train your brain with a set of 16 IQ games and riddles! Speed up your brain with this set of puzzles! Some of them will be super easy and some of them will make you do some hard thinking 😉 Start your day with these tricky games and get your logic boosted.

00:14 – When Julia got out of her coma, she saw three men around her. Who’s her boyfriend? Test your logical skills with this tricky riddle!
02:03 – These hard logic riddles will immediately blow your mind! If you solve all of them right then your IQ is above average!
03:24 – How can you survive falling from extreme heights? Here is a useful trivia that may help you one day!
04:23 – Awesome quiz and tricky riddles to question your logic and ability to think outside the box! These fun text riddles will blow your mind and will make you smile (yup, it’s that perfect!) 🌬️
06:08 – A mysterious riddle with an answer you’ll be interested in not only if you need to change your appearance to escape from the police, but just as a hint for picking a good hairdresser. What you need to do is use your logical thinking and compare all the fact you know to choose among two hair artists. And remember that things are often not what they look like, so be careful with your conclusions. A riddle with an answer to make you sweat and rack your brain hard!
07:13 – A shocking test that will make you reflect upon who you really are and what you can do in an emergency situation. I believe you will be really surprised to know the result (of course if you were honest), though it can confuse you as well. So, you have to make the hardest choice ever: decide if you should sacrifice a person to save several people, or let them die and keep your hands clean (yes, someone will die anyway). Don’t rush, the choice is really hard and you may need time to think over. What would you choose?
08:38 – Now we will see how often you watched Dracula, Van Helsing and Twilight😈 If you did it often, you will easily find the way out of this situation, if not…well, you still have your luck. Choose one of three doors to know if you’re going to survive today. It’s your turn now🧛‍♂️ A thrilling mystery riddle with answers to check how fast is your brain!
09:43 – Hey friend, here is a hard riddle for you! You’re trapped and can only escape if you think fast and take decisions really quickly. You’ll have to crack this intricate riddle using all your logic and brilliant thinking skills before the entire building explodes. But there is a way out of any situation, and this one has even two solutions!
11:17 – A cool personality test that will make you face several hardest choices for a thrill. It will show what you can and cannot do and make you think about the things that have never come to your mind. Are you ready to exercise your brain and make these impossible choices?
13:26 – This difficult escape riddle will test how smart and quick your brain is because you will have to rack your brain really hard! Only one door can lead you outside safely, but you need to think carefully and logically. So, will you survive this time?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles is your favorite 🙂

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