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Hey, #RiddleSolvers, check out this set of the trickiest riddles ever! These top riddles for top minds will boost your logic and increase your intelligence! These awesome riddles with answers will improve your logic and increase your brain power. If you need a quick boost of energy, try to exercise your brain with these tricky brain games.

00:14 – Michael has been a museum curator for 5 years. One evening, he found out that the most expensive picture had been stolen. Detective, you have to find out where the picture is hidden!
02:07 – Many kids are really afraid of clowns and now I got to know why!🤡 This crime riddle with an answer is the most blood-freezing thing you’ve ever seen. Can you guess what he did wrong without looking up at the end of the video?
03:32 – Who is the fake detective? Test your attentiveness and logic with these short visual brain teasers and try to find all the answers before the time is up.
04:45 – A thrilling crime riddle that will make even the strongest detective rack their brains! To find the answer on time, you will have to think quickly and consider even the most impossible ideas, so think outside the box!
05:48 – This set of puzzles is created by life itself. It will test how quickly you can think in a dangerous situation and if you can find creative ways out of troubles. To solve these puzzles, you will need to think outside the box. Even if a situation seems to be critical and you are in deadlock, there is always at least one solution. Useful puzzles to train your brain (and muscles) and teach you essential life hacks!
08:22 – This tricky crime riddle will not only tease your brain and make you turn on all your imagination, but also teach you an essential survival hack most of us never even think of. How can you inform your friend about a difficult situation you trapped without arousing any suspicion? Of course, this is a riddle with an answer, but before it’s revealed, try to rack your brain and figure it out by yourself😉
09:52 – Who is guilty? Challenge your brain by investigating this tricky case with three suspects. Carefully check their testimonies and decide who could do that. I hope you won’t blame a wrong guy🧐
11:16 – This thrilling crime riddle will make you sweat and stretch your brain! Only brilliant minds will find the dots in this complicated story and figure out who the killer is. I haven’t met a person who could solve this case among my friends yet, so you might be the first one! Tell me how you guessed before the answer is revealed😉
12:36 – A creepy visual puzzle! Who is he, a clown or a killer? What’s your opinion? Share in the comments below!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle!

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