15 Strict Rules Soldiers Have To Follow


From the US Army, Navy, and Marines, these are 15 of the Military’s craziest rules and initiations that all soldiers will go through at some point to make rank

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Traditions can easily seem strange to people who haven’t been performing them year after year, and the same is absolutely true of those in the Military. Life as a soldier means a lot of stress, and a lot of creative (if strange) ways to blow it off. These often take the shape of initiation, retirement, promotional, or hazing ceremonies, and they almost seem to outdo one another with their strange uniqueness. Some are downright unbelievable–like having to scramble up a lard-covered 21-foot monument, parachuting from a plane with your pockets full of cherry pies, or having to dress up in drag and crawl through garbage while at sea. That’s why we’re taking a look at the 15 Strange Things Soldiers Will Go Through in the Military.

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