7-Second Riddles

Boost your IQ with a mix of 15 logic tests and brain teasers! If you want to know how to increase your IQ score, exercise your brain every day with these tricky puzzles. They are perfect for a brain workout and help improve your critical thinking. If you need a boost of energy when you just woke up, then you’re welcome to solve some of these tricky riddles 😉

00:14 – A portion of visual puzzles to test your vision and attentiveness to the details! Try to find who’s not working!
01:25 – A mysterious and thrilling logic riddle to tease your brain and make you sweat! You will have to use 200% of your brain power to crack this one, so focus your mind! When you find the answer (I’m sure you do!), challenge your friends😉
03:46 – Challenge your brain with this set of tricky visual puzzles! There are two mistakes in each picture, but only a very attentive person can find all of them (I failed every single one). Try it by yourself and challenge your friends😉
05:42 – Detectives, it’s your time! You are to solve a new criminal case and find the kidnapper. Be attentive to the details and you’ll solve this case easily!
07:07 – Let’s see if you can pass the FBI special test which only the smartest and most attentive candidates can crack! As an FBI agent, you would have to go off book and decide really quickly relying only on your eyes and common sense. That’s why you’re offered to train using this picture puzzle. Imagine that one of them is the criminal you’re chasing and the other one is the kid’s father, just a civilian. If you arrested the wrong one, the criminal would escape holding the kid hostage. What would you do?
08:20 – This short picture puzzle will not only boost your logic and increase your IQ level but also reveal your typical way of thinking. Look closely at the picture and try to figure out who’s the owner of the suitcase in question. It may seem hard to identify her, but an attentive solver can find some details that will point to the right person. Are you smart enough to crack this riddle?
09:24 – A difficult riddle a kid is unlikely to crack and even an adult will rack their brain! But you still can try if you’re able to think outside the box and consider even unexpected and shocking ideas that come to your mind😜 So, be creative and use your imagination! Tell me if you figured out the answer by yourself😉
10:42 – The cutest visual puzzle ever that you can turn on to chill your brain after a hard day or show to your kids to teach them letters! Look at the picture for a moment and try to find out where the letter is hidden. Found that? So didn’t I😁
12:42 – Who is wrong? A visual quiz that will test your IQ and intelligence! Share your thoughts and answers in the comments below 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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