15 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Make You Smarter


Which animals have the most incredible physical and mental superpowers? When it comes to basic survival skills, the human race has become a bit spoiled. We’re used to living in controlled climates and eating store-bought food. While we’re taking it easy, there are many animals that have the ability to survive a fire, regrow their limbs, and protect their bodies from harsh surroundings.

Do you know, for example, that crows have recently been proven to have the ability to count and distinguish between numbers? The study involved a close look at how neurons fire in the presence of numerical stimuli that are presented either visually or otherwise. The results showed that the birds were able to “distinguish” between different numbers.

Echidnas 0:59
Horses 1:52
Goldfish 2:24
Crows 2:55
Elephants 3:20
Hummingbirds 3:45
African Hairy Frogs 4:21
Alpine Ibex Mountain Goats 4:48
North American Opossums 5:16
Hippos 6:18
Dolphins 6:45
Lyrebirds 7:16
Axolotls 8:04
African Spiny Mouse 8:28
Pistol Shrimps 9:02

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– Torpor is a type of hibernation in which an animal lowers their metabolism and body temperature. This makes the echidnas mildly fire-retardant. It also allows them to sleep through the time of scarcity after a fire as it’s highly unlikely that all of their favorite little critter snacks survived the fire as well.
– Karen McComb, a professor of animal behavior at the University of Sussex, led a study that demonstrated how horses can read facial expressions, remember moods and emotional states, and react accordingly.
– Scientists from Oxford University conducted studies proving that goldfish can distinguish familiar faces from those of strangers. So that’s why a fish can act a bit shy when someone new comes over!
– Beating their wings from 8–200 times per second and flying up to 60 mph, hummingbirds are unique and fascinating creatures! They’re the only birds that can fly forward, backward, sideways, and straight up. They can also do backward somersaults!
– The strange-looking hairy frog from Cameroon is about to become even more bizarre when you find out that it can break its bones to produce talons out of its toe pads when it’s in danger.
– The involuntary defensive mechanism of “playing possum” is the reason why predators leave them alone as soon as they see what appears to look and smell like a dead animal. When the opossum is out of danger, it will regain consciousness and quickly waddle away.
– Hippos have special glands in their skin, which secrete a reddish oily fluid that acts as a water repellent, skin moisturizer, and antibiotic.
– Dolphins use half of their brain to sleep while being simultaneously completely aware of their surroundings. For dolphins, it’s absolutely necessary since they can’t sleep like terrestrial animals as they’ll drown or risk becoming prey.
– The axolotl is known for its incredible ability to generate new blood vessels, sinews, muscles, bones, and even nerves within months! It can even grow a new brain!
– The pistol shrimp is only 1”–2” long, but it can produce a bubble that’s capable of traveling at 60 mph and generating a sound reaching 218 dB. To put that in perspective, it takes 160 dB to rupture a human eardrum.

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