14 Weird Painting Hacks To Try At Home

5 minute crafts

Creating your own art has never been so easy with these 14 weird and wonderful painting hacks to try at home!

0:00 – Spaghetti Paint Hack
0:34 – Tea Bag Paint Hack
0:57 – Bubbles Paint Hack
1:23 – Lemon Paint Hack
1:48 – Cotton Buds Paint Hack
2:10 – Plastic Bottle Paint Hack
3:06 – Cotton Bud Tree Painting Hack
4:01- Splatter Star Painting
4:54 – Wax Crayon Paint Hack
5:46 – Colorful Canvas Tape Paint Hack
7:35 – Spray Paint and Glue Hack
8:15 – String Painting Hack
9:14 – Red Paint Pouring Hack
10:15 – Salad Spinner Paint Hack

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