14 Things All Dog Owners Do


If you have a dog, you’re definitely a lucky person. Tons of dog hair, active games, challenging training questions are just a small part of dog owner’s everyday routine. Bright Side has drawn 14 funny comics about dogs and their owners. Welcome to the club of dog lovers! Do you have a dog? Share their photos with us!

You’re always ready to give them a treat just because they look at you. 0:03
You always remember their tastes. 0:20
You always try to make them even happier! 0:32
You always worry when your pet is sick. 0:56
You want your dog to have friends. 1:12
You always create new walking routes. 1:29
When your dog sneezes, you say, “Bless you!” 1:44
You definitely break your own rules. 1:56
You miss your dog when you’re away. 2:11
You decide not to give your dog your food but always forget about it. 2:25
You think it’s your dog that produces all the noises at night. 2:37
You’re sure your dog is the best. 2:52
You have to go for a walk no matter what the weather is like. 3:08
You say that you love each other every day. 3:32

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