7-Second Riddles

Here is a portion of 14 riddles with a twist that will crack your brain! A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective ways to train your brain. If you want to increase your logical skills and improve your intelligence, then try to solve these fun brain teasers. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on these puzzle games and tricks in the comments below:

00:14 – Who is a crook? A portion of visual puzzles to boost your attentiveness to the details and improve your logical skills.
02:07 – Hey, Detective, get ready to solve a new criminal case! You have to talk to 3 suspects and find some pieces of evidence to get the killer.
03:34 – Who does he date? A portion of visual puzzles to boost your logical skills!
06:24 – A cool picture puzzle you should definitely bookmark! In fact, only one of the ten is able to identify a fake bill and that may cause some problems. Train your brain and eyes with this picture riddle and tell me how many of them you got right!
08:07 – One dollar: is it a lot or is it a little? It depends on the country you’re in now. Here are some trivia facts for you about how many you can buy with 1 dollar, and you will have to solve this riddle by yourself?While I’m going to buy a cup of coffee with my $1!
09:37 – Was it a good deal? Solve this tricky riddle on logic and get the answer! Exercise your brain and never miss a day like this young girl if you really want to become smarter in school!
10:50 – A portion of visual brain teasers to boost your logic and attentiveness. Who is poor? Share your answers in the comments below!
12:15 – A fun personality quiz to reveal your real character! Share in the comments if you agree with this test’s results!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz and if you agree with its results!

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