7-Second Riddles

These riddles for kids and adults, puzzles and cool brain teasers will help you train your mind to think outside the box:

00:14 – Easy riddles to test your vision.
01:26 – Funny riddle to test your ability to think outside the box.
01:57 – Emoji quiz – Fun emoji games – Movie quiz.
Fun emoji quiz to light up your brain and lift up your mood! Your mind will appreciate this light brain workout. This fun riddle with answers will test your memory and whether you live on this planet or not! (if you do live with all of us here on this planet, you’ll score 10/10!)
04:08 – Find the hidden animals – Tricky riddles and vision test.
How well is your vision? How fast does your brain work? These tricky riddles will let you know how! 🙂 If your vision is good and brain works fast you’ll crack these easy riddles in seconds! But if you don’t… 🤔
05:48 – Mystery riddle.
An intriguing story with magic and time travels: this is what all of us love, isn’t it?🧙‍♂️🧚🧞 Fairy tales teach us when we’re allowed to choose one of several magic gifts, we should always think twice. You may not only choose what you really don’t need (and this is a lesser evil), but find yourself in in danger. Well, this challenge seems to be harmless and without a ‘false bottom’, so take your chance if you dare! Let me know what you would choose😉
07:17 – Puzzles and brain teasers.
These fun puzzles and brain teasers will make you watch all your favorite cartoons again (probably more than once!)😊 Now you have to use your imagination to guess what your favorite characters would look like if they were people. The most attentive viewers will be able to notice some small details which will help you guess where these characters came from😉 How many of them did you get right? Cool puzzles with answers to challenge your power of observation!
09:11 – Quiz to test your logical thinking.
Test your logical thinking with this tricky quiz and find out if your mind is still young and sharp or you need to exercise it a bit more! The most important is avoid overthinking, because the most efficient solution is always obvious. They say if you want to hid something, hide this in plain sight and this really work. Let’s see who will be able to find the easiest and most effective solution! A tough riddle with answer to keep your brain fit!
10:44 – Fun optical illusion to blow your mind.
11:38 – Which will fill up first? – Logic puzzle.

TELL US IN THE COMMENTS your answer to the last logic puzzle (11:38).

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