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Check out this set of 13 IQ games that are good for your brain! If you want to improve your logical skills and critical thinking then keep watching this video! With these questions and tricky puzzles, you will increase your intelligence and improve your brain speed. Try them out and share your answers in the comments!

00:14 – Somebody was stealing luxury makeup products from the store. The staff couldn’t spot the thief, so the manager had to check the CCTV by himself to identify the thief! Can you find him?
01:09 – Joe was kidnapped and locked in a basement! He managed to get out of the basement and found himself on an island. What should he do to escape?
02:55 – Who is a popular blogger? it’s an easy puzzle for kids and adults that will test your analytical thinking and attentiveness!
03:43 – Try to guess whose house is it! Turn your logic on and pay attention to the smallest details to solve these puzzles without any mistakes 🙂
05:03 – This logic puzzle will increase your IQ and intelligence. Check out your logical skills with this brain-boosting puzzle!
06:42 – This brain teaser will test your memory and attentiveness to the smallest details! Let’s see how good you are at solving puzzles like this one 😉
07:52 – Can you identify the criminal? This riddle will boost your analytical skills and boost your attentiveness to the details!
09:12 – Which place would you choose? Test your survival instincts with this brain-boosting riddle!
11:00 – A difficult brain-boosting riddle to increase your logical thinking! Let’s see if you can solve it 🙂
11:51 – Which girl is rich? Boost your logic and test your attentiveness to the details with this tricky puzzle!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking 😉

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