13 Improving IQ Games That’ll Rock Your 2019! Brain Teasers With Answers

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Improve your IQ with these 13 tricky brain teasers with answers! This set contains of puzzles and tests for kids and adults as well. By the way, solving riddles is an easy way to improve your child’s IQ. These tricky puzzles, trivia, and logic riddles will are the best brain exercises to increase your IQ score 😉

00:14 – Who is cheating? A set of visual puzzles to test your attentiveness! Find all the cheaters before the time is up!
01:33 – Test your basic general knowledge with this emoji quiz on countries. Write your answer to the last puzzle in the comments!
03:56 – Use all your logical skills and attentiveness to solve this logic riddle without any mistakes! Let’s see if you can solve it easily!
05:17 – Who will die for sure? It’s a set of tricky quizzes to boost your logic and critical thinking! Remember, that you have to choose one!
06:31 – This logic puzzle will break your mind into pieces! Can you find the right answer before the time is up? Check out your IQ level now!
08:32 – Check out this psychological test with pictures. What did you see first? Your answer will say a lot about your personality 😉
10:24 – You never know what you can find if you go to the woods at Christmas (sometimes it can be a crime scene). Now you will have to question everyone in the town to connect the dots and find the culprit so don’t waste your time!
12:06 – Who’s lying? Answer this question and get to know your self a little bit better! Share your thoughts and answers to this test in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last personality quiz!

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