13 Brain Teasers For An Every Day Brain Workout

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Here is a portion of 13 brain teasers for an everyday brain workout! These puzzles will work out your brain and help you stay concentrated during the day. Even though they might look too easy at first sight, some of the answers will surprise you. If you feel bored or exhausted, try these cool riddles to wake up your brain:

00:14 – Hey, Detective, you will have a hard time with these two ladies, huh! But you should identify the killer during the day, so do your best to crack at them. Your imagination and logical thinking will help you trick the killer, I know. A hard detective riddle to challenge your talents and make you think outside the box!
01:30 – How many faces do you see? Where is the missing face? A cool optical illusion that will scratch your brain and crush your eyes! You won’t believe what you are seeing and will pause the video to figure out what is happening in this cool riddle! Amazing tricks to learn and impress your friends around 🙂
02:30 – A tricky riddle with an answer that will test your survival skills and common sense. Even if you’ve never made a fire by yourself, you will definitely come up with the solution, just use your logic. So, would you survive in such a situation?
03:30 – A tricky puzzle for tech minds and true geniuses only (so this one is not for me at all). Look closely at the picture and try to figure out who’s likely to survive here. This is a hard level puzzle, so use 100% of your brain power!
04:50 – A fun but wise trick a smart father managed to run. It will definitely wow your brain and make you do a standing ovation! Would you be tricked if you were Bill Gates, by the way?😃
05:50 – This world is just crazy, everything is turned inside out! Well, there’s nothing to do and you will have to accept the strange rules of this upside down place. You face a choice and will have to use some kind of perverse logic to escape. Think carefully as your life is at stake. Take this cool riddle on the escape to challenge your brain and prove that you’re a genius!
07:10 – A set of text brain teasers that will blow your mind! Try to find the right answers before the time is up!
09:07 – This cool fun puzzle will tease your brain! Try to find the right answer before time is up!
10:40 – This is a difficult logic riddle that’s going to literally blow your mind away. Actually, the solution is so simple that most people just don’t think about such a chance. So my advice to you would be to not overcomplicate things and you’ll see the simplest solution!
11:53 – A fun logic riddle to boost your logical skills! Who do you think stole the iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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