7-Second Riddles

Enjoy a nice set of cool brain games and riddles that will trick your friends, even the smartest one:

00:14 – Short riddles to get you ready for the main brain workout.
It’s better to start your brain workout with a good warm-up, and this short riddle seems to be the best bet. Let it be your first exercise for today that will make you smile because of its simplicity. I failed to solve this riddle because I’m not looking for an easy ride, but I should have😁 Will you be more successful?
01:16 – How did he escape? – Riddle on escape.
Amazing and fun riddle on escape! The answer will make you laugh and say “Yup, he just nailed it!”. What would you say if you were him? Would you find your way out of the trap? This easy riddle will let you know if you can think outside the box!
02:36 – Cool trivia to broaden your general knowledge base.
05:07 – Logicpuzzle – Crime riddle.
So he took her out for dinner, but then something terrible happened! Put on your glasses and investigate the case! Check the crime scene, follow every clue and crack this logic puzzle wide open!
06:17 – Who is the strongest avenger? – Fun brain games.
07:53 – Can you crack the code? – Popular riddle on escape.
Detective, your best friend is in deep need of your help! He got into troubles again! Check all the things you see in front of you, turn on your logic and try to solve this logic puzzle to save your dear friend! This popular riddle on escape is quite easy, but it drives people insane! Is your brain a match for this tricky riddle?
09:21 – Blood chilling riddles.
11:08 – Difficult puzzles – Picture puzzles.
Would you dare to tease your brain with this set of the most difficult puzzles ever? No prompts or hints are given, you can just use your logic and common sense to solve these tough tasks. If you can find at least one solution for each riddle, then your IQ level is higher than an average person has. Share your ideas in the comments and prove your point of view!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last set of tricky riddles and brain games.

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