12 Unusual Features That Make People Even More Beautiful


Would you like to have the power of telepathy or flying? Genetic mutations of that kind are still impossible for humans (maybe just for now, who knows?). But there are other types that make people’s appearance extraordinary and eye-catching.

Do you know, for example, what piebaldism is? For almost 90% percent of people who have it, a forelock of white hair along with a white patch of skin on their forehead might be the only present symptom. Or have you ever heard that there are many different types of albinism? So a special type of albinism results in people of African and Asian origin having red hair, freckles, or blue eyes. This mutation looks stunning, breaking the stereotype that redheads can only have pale-white skin!

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Multiple colors in eyes 0:27
Vitiligo 1:17
Albinism 2:12
Double eyelashes 2:54
Cleft chin 3:48
Waardenburg syndrome 4:33
Different twins 5:16
Piebaldism 5:50
Red hair in people of African descent 6:33
Ocular albinism 7:04
Blue eyes 7:47
Freckles 8:39

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– Scientists call it heterochromia iridium, and there are three types: complete (when each eye has a different color), sectoral (when an eye has a part of contrasting color in the iris), and central (when a different color radiates out from the pupil).
– Vitiligo is a condition which causes the skin, hair, and even nails to lose color since the body doesn’t produce enough melanin. Scientists still aren’t sure what triggers this genetic anomaly.
– Albinism is a genetic disorder that results in people having skin, hair, or eyes with little or no color. The main reason for albinism lies in a defect in one of several genes that produce or distribute melanin.
– Beautiful thick eyelashes are something many people dream of. And some get it simply thanks to a genetic mutation called distichiasis, which causes people to have a second row of eyelashes.
– Many people think that a cleft chin is a sign of a strong and independent character, but, it’s really a gene mutation which results when the bones or muscles in the lower jaw don’t fuse completely during the baby’s development inside the womb.
– People with Waardenburg syndrome usually have pale blue eyes which are wide-set, and sometimes white patches on their skin and hair. However, this genetic condition also has a lot to do with serious health issues like deafness.
– Ocular albinism affects only the eyes, causing pigment to disappear from the iris, and sometimes the retina too. This rare eye condition more often affects males than females. Having ocular albinism usually means that a person needs to take great care of their eyes.
– Having blue eyes is still the result of a genetic mutation which happened about 10,000 years ago. Back then, all people had brown eyes. In other words, their eyes contained a lot of melanin. The gene that controls melanin is called OCA2.
– If your melanocytes (skin cells involved in producing pigmentation) are evenly spread, you’re likely to get a nice tan. But some people have those special skin cells clustered together, and they end up having a build-up of pigment in one area, resulting in freckles!

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