12 Strange Tips to Become More Beautiful


How to look flawless with the help of simple, everyday items? We spend tons of money on the perfect foundation, highlighter, and other beauty products. But the truth is that your house is already filled with everything you need to look bomb 24/7!

Do you love the look of long, thick eyelashes? You don’t have to go to a beauty salon — just use some baby powder! Starting by coating your eyelashes with a single layer of mascara, and then apply baby powder onto them with a Q-tip. After that, apply another layer of mascara, and voilà! Do you want to find out any other tricks? Then watch our new video!

Use baby powder to create the effect of false eyelashes 0:39
Use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth 1:17
Use red lipstick to conceal dark circles under the eyes quickly 1:51
Use string for the perfect winged eyeliner 2:26
Use a fork to contour your nose 3:07
Use ordinary pencils as eyeliners 3:35
Use lip balm instead of a highlighter 4:07
Use icy water to dry nail polish 4:37
Use concealer to create a new lip outline 5:10
Use dishwashing sponges for perfect curls 5:50
Use potato slices to whiten your armpits 6:24
Use mayonnaise instead of a hair conditioner 6:56

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– Instead of spending money on popular teeth-whitening procedures, buy some activated charcoal and do it at home!
– Your favorite red lipstick is the best at dealing with dark circles under the eyes. Apply it to the “arches” beneath your eyes, and add 2 layers of concealer on top.
– Contouring is big these days, and everybody has their own little trick to make it look natural and effortless. And here’s one of the most popular ones among all makeup lovers: Use a fork to make your contour smooth and symmetrical.
– What if you don’t have any colorful eyeliner pencils? Ordinary pencils will do the job! Just place them in a glass of hot water, leave them there for a few minutes, and your homemade bright “eyeliners” are ready!
– Use lip balm instead of a highlighter. Apply it to the areas you usually highlight, and enjoy your fresh look!
– Use icy water to dry nail polish. Pour about 4 glasses of water into a bowl, and add a couple of ice cubes. Put your fingers in the bowl for just a minute, and then go on with your day!
– Use concealer to create a new lip outline. Start by tracing your lip outline with your concealer, “erasing” its natural contours. Wait for it to dry, then take your lip pencil, draw a new lip contour.
– f you want to see their mind-blowing effect for yourself, divide your hair into strands, and wrap each strand around the middle of a sponge. Fold the sponge in half, secure it with a rubber band, and go to sleep.
– Believe it or not, but darkening of the underarms is a serious issue for many people. And if you’re one of them, forget about all those expensive products and treatments. Your problem can be solved easily with the help of potatoes!
– If you wanna make your hair care routine more natural, take a closer look at mayonnaise. Over the course of time, this everyday product can make your hair way softer and healthier.

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