12 Signs You’re Dealing With a Fake Person


Figuring out a person’s real intentions can be pretty hard. Some people pretend to be sincere when they need something from you. Luckily, there are a couple of surefire ways to spot a fake person in your life and cut them off before it’s too late. And the examples will make these signs more memorable!

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Social status doesn’t matter? Or does it? 0:26

Fake people are manipulators 1:22

They crave attention 2:16

They never ask you about you 3:01

They’re bragging all the time 3:53

Fake people break their promises 4:54

Fake people are opportunists 5:46

Fake people put others down 6:39

Fake people feed off drama 7:27

They gossip 8:10

They’re only nice when they need something 9:06

They disappear when you need them the most 9:58

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– When a person doesn’t really care about their own gain, they pay zero attention to the social status of others, focusing on their personality traits and characteristics instead.
– Can you imagine a genuine and happy person trying to manipulate somebody? This is exactly what a fake person would do!
– Genuine and confident people usually don’t feel a burning desire to be the center of attention at all times. The reason behind it is pretty simple: They don’t really care what society thinks of them!
– If you meet a person who never asks you about you and always makes every topic about themselves, you’re probably dealing with a fake person who doesn’t deserve your time and effort.
– If you come across a person who can’t stop talking about how awesome they are, there’s a big chance you’re talking to a fake person.
– If you keep hanging out with someone who talks big but always disappears when it comes to action, this is definitely not a person you can rely on.
– Genuine people love to spend time with you and will never throw a friendship or romantic relationship out the window. Fake people are not afraid to ruin your relationships to get the best you have.
– One of the most obvious signs of a fake person is when they try to look better at someone else’s expense.
– Fake people never care about someone else’s feelings. Instead, they love to play people off against one another for fun and entertainment!
– Genuine people have high moral principles that don’t let them talk behind someone’s back. If they don’t like you, they simply don’t interact with you that often.
– The only focus of a fake person is themselves, so they view people from the perspective of what they can get from them.
– Fake friends always disappear at the first sign of trouble.

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