12 Most Insane Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

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10 Most Insane Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist
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Everyone loves some inventions. It’s always interesting to see what creativity some genius is putting out these days. And while some inventions go viral and you’re asking yourself, ‘why didn’t I create that?’ other inventions leave you scratching your head and asking ‘What happened that someone had to create such a thing’.

Well, we found some of those things that will either leave you laughing, or searching online to buy. Entertain yourself and check out these 10 Most Weird Inventions That You Won’t Believe Are Real.

Nose Stylus – Though it might look silly, the Finger-Nose, can actually be pretty handy. British designer Dominic Wilcox created this beaklike stylus that allows smartphone users to have a relatively hands-free experience. The idea came to the designer after wanting to use his phone in the tub.

Pao Facial Train – Facial Fitness PAO, which is made in Japan, is a device that tones facial muscles to improve your smile and fight aging. This unique training tool is very simple to use and all you have to do is hold the device in your mouth twice a day for at least 30 seconds each time.

Angels Knee Pillow – Of the many possible solutions to the worldwide epidemic of pee splatter, few are as simultaneously ‘awful’ and at the same time, ‘wonderful’ as the “Angels Knee Pillow” and that name is directly translated from Japanese. “Why drag angels into this?” you may ask.

Chopstick Fan – You’re ready to chow down on some HOT Ramen noodles but you don’t want to burn your mouth and tongue plus you are too lazy and tired to blow on your noodles to cool them off. Ok we get it, life is tough and you need everything you can get at your disposal to make eating Ramen more convenient.

Mobile toilet paper – It’s hard to know if this invention is real or not, but apparently, it is, and someone really had a problem that they needed to solve. Enter the mobile toilet paper. This is a headpiece that you wear. In fact, a toilet paper roll can be attached to it, which allows you to us the tissue any time you want.

ANTI-RAPE DISGUISE – 11 years ago in Japan, designer Aya Tsukioka invented what is called the ‘anti-rape disguise’, that can be useful as a form of protection for women. She reportedly took her cue from ancient ninjas who camouflaged themselves in black at night to be unseen, although we’re not sure how that works into this, and created a skirt that doubled as a vending-machine disguise.

3. GROUP SHAVING MACHINE – What single act bonds men together more than sharing a few beers and watching a football game? We’re glad you asked because we’ve got the answer right here.

UMBRELLA TIE – Carrying an umbrella is not the most convenient thing in the world. In fact, you also kinda look like a little strange toting one around when it’s not raining.

Never ending bubble wrap – Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and if you are one of those people that like to pop the bubbles on bubble wrap, for whatever reason, the wrap is inevitably popped out, leaving you without a way to get sweet, fidgety relief. That is unless you’ve got infinite bubble wrap in your pocket.

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