12 Easy Riddles Every Average Mind Can Solve

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If you want to have a light brain workout try to solve these easy riddles that every average mind can solve! Enjoy this light brain workout and receive a boost of energy to stay focused all day. If you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve different riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice some changes in your critical thinking and logical thinking abilities!

00:14 – A mysterious case of suicide that isn’t so simple as it can seem at first glance. Only an experienced detective with a cold logical mind can figure out what’s wrong with this case, so concentrate and watch carefully!
01:23 – This popular riddle on escape turns out to be a hard riddle for those who can’t process information fast enough and who don’t have an ability to spot all the details (I always miss one or two details). I’m sure you don’t belong to this group and this popular riddle on escape will be a piece of cake for you! 🍰
02:28 – Hey, Detective, here is a new case for you! A blood-freezing crime riddle to test your attentiveness and logic. Try to see the smallest details to solve this case.
03:55 – A hard logic riddle only for people with IQ 150! If you can find the solution to the riddle, you’re really a genius. A hint for those who feel it difficult to find the way out: use what you have in your hands! How quickly did you solve this riddle?
05:21 – A set of tricky picture puzzles for advanced solvers! Are your eyes sharp enough to spot all the mistakes in the video? If you can find all of them, I will call you ‘genius’😜
06:32 – Do you believe you would survive if you met these animals on a walk? Let’s check if it’s so😉 These trivia questions with answers will challenge your survival skills and exercise your brain like nothing else before! It’s not just a brain workout, but a useful guideline for everyone who goes camping or hiking.
08:47 – A crime riddle to test your brain! The suspects claim to be innocent, but you know that one of them is lying! Who did it? This picture riddle can be easily cracked if you check every single detail and connect the dots! 👮‍♂️
09:48 – A hard crime case for experienced detectives only! If you have found out the correct answer to this riddle by yourself, you’re either a genius or a psycho, because an average person just can’t think this way. Try to crack this detective riddle if you dare!
12:03 – A fun visual test to reveal your true personality! Think twice before giving an answer and see the results 🙂 Share in the comments if you agree with them or not!

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