12 Brain Teasers And Riddles That’ll Leave You Stumped

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Here is a portion of 12 brain teasers and riddles that will leave you stumped! If you struggle with most of these puzzles, I recommend you to add more brain exercises (like reading or solving riddles) into your daily life. Get a huge boost of energy by solving these tricky riddles and stay concentrate during the day 🙂

00:14 – Will you become the detective of the month for catching this sly smuggler or we let him slip away once again? You’re here to capture one of the smartest criminals in our country, so don’t let us down! Use 100% your logic and imagination, you should think as if you were that criminal. Hurry up, he’s leaving right now. Any ideas? Check his luggage too, there can be something we’ve missed. Come on, we can’t let him go! A detective riddle with answer to challenge your brain!
01:23 – It’s always difficult to suspect the people you used to trust, but sometimes we have no choice. This is a detective riddle with answer to check if you’re a cold-minded and logical one. You have to decide between three employees who have been with you for a long time; one of them stole your money. Take your time and don’t let your emotions prevail over your common sense. Who could do it? Share your ideas in the comments!
02:41 – Here is a set of the trickiest riddles ever to test how dirty your mind is (it is, I know, but how much??)😈 Don’t pause the video to think more and be honest when answering, only then you can understand if you’re a dirty-minded solver or a serious moralist😜
04:47 – Beware street vendors even if it seems to be a unique offer or you can pay more than you have to😉But the man from this fun riddle has nothing to be afraid of as he came up with an ingenious trick and saved his money. Would you guess how he managed to do this? Even if you fail, this will be an essential life hack for you, won’t this?😁
06:15 – Would you dare to take this hard test where you have to choose one of the alternatives? You can’t refuse to choose and can’t pick both options. Yes, it’s a really hard challenge because many people just can’t make a choice at all. Are you brave enough to reach the end?
09:07 – Would you suspect something is wrong if the whole class always know the correct answers? To be honest, I wouldn’t🤓 But there’s really something strange in this situation. The clever teacher came up with a nice trick and almost cheated the inspector! Will you crack this mysterious riddle and reveal the truth before the inspector leaves the school?
10:41 – This is an incredibly exact personality test revealing some problems buried deep in your subconscious. Would you dare to know what are your hidden fears and problems? If so, clear your mind and start this short visual test. And don’t say I didn’t warn!
12:11 – Kids always come up with the most cunning and unexpected solutions when they really want to get something😁Would you guess what two boys did to get the cupcakes? If yes, your mind is incredibly flexible and young! If not, don’t get upset, because only two in every ten can get it right! Are you among the smartest ones? A difficult riddle with answer to check if it’s so😜
13:15 – A visual brain game to test your logical skills! Who’s a kidnapper and who’s a father? Write your thoughts on this riddle in the comments below 🙂

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