11 Riddles To Test How Unique You’re

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Test how unique you’re with these 11 riddles for kids and adults! This set is a mix of picture puzzles and easy riddles to wake you up and warm up your brain. It’s a light brain workout to help you stay concentrated during the day. Share in the comments your answers to the hardest riddles:

00:14 – A portion of easy picture puzzles for kids and adults! Visual riddles warm up your brain and prepare it for solving more difficult teasers!
02:25 – A new logic riddle for your Christmas mood! This puzzle will boost your brain power and increase your IQ level 🙂
04:01 – Sorry, Detective, seems you aren’t going to meet this Christmas at home because someone decided to get rid of Mary. However, if you crack this crime riddle quickly, you have a chance to come back home before midnight and meet Santa🎅
05:46 – Challenge your eyes and try to read all these words encrypted in the pictures! If you have read them all, your brain is young and flexible, keep it up!
07:57 – Only a quick-thinker can pass all 3 levels of this hard visual test! You need to focus your mind and watch the eggs carefully so that you don’t get tricked. If you fail to pass at least 2 levels, it means you’re too tired right now. Have a nap and try again!
09:31 – This tricky picture puzzle will test your common sense and boost your logic. Even a person with the average IQ level can crack this visual puzzle if think logically. If you feel it too tricky, just pause the video and take your time. I won’t tell anyone😉
10:34 – A picture riddle to test your vision is here! You must be very attentive to solve this riddle on time. Try to find all the hidden people in this picture 🙂

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS where is the 10th person in this picture riddle 10:34!

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