11 Riddles Only Really Smart People Can Crack


The last time many people tried to solve a riddle or a puzzle was back in school, and sometimes we all want to check our abilities. We all want to be observant and witty, right? However, in real life, we rarely get the chance to find out whether we truly possess these qualities or not.

Bright Side offers you a few riddles that only the brightest people can solve. It’s a fun way to warm up and test our brain. Today we challenge you with 11 puzzles that will make you think outside the box.

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– What do you see in this picture: a cube or a hexagon?
– Look at these 3 portions of delicious pasta. I know you want to choose the biggest portion, right? So which one is it?
– Look at these 2 tigers. Are they the same color?
– Are these stairs carved in this big stone, or are they simply next to it?
– Let’s switch our attention to this magazine. From your point of view, is it open so you can see its pages or so you can only see its cover?
– These 3 smiling guys have a little question for you too. They can’t figure out who is the tallest one out of them.
– Now it’s time to look at this ring. Is it positioned on its front or back side in this picture?
– Everybody loves cheese, right? Now look at this one and tell me if it’s a piece of cheese or a wheel of cheese with a little piece cut off.
– Your next task is to look at these 2 dots. Can you tell which of them is higher?
– Now look at this tray. Everything seems fine, but I’m not digging this light blue glass right here. What do you think? How can I remove it?
– Let’s go back to shape riddles! Here I have a pyramid made of cubes for you. How many cubes do you see here?
– As you have lunch in the café or take a walk, look at the people around you. This exercise will open up your mind to details and make you see secret patterns in people’s behavior.
– One of the most effective ways to improve your resourcefulness is to ask yourself “why” questions for everything you observe. This constant circle of thoughts and search for new answers keeps your brain hungry for new information.
– Even if you think you’re terrible at painting and drawing, this hobby boosts your observation skills like no other.
– Next time you have your favorite dish, try to pay attention to its texture, taste, and smell. This will teach your brain to find connections between different objects on a deeper level.
– We all want to read people like an open book, right? Well, body language provides you with all the tools! It teaches you to spot seemingly meaningless details and gestures and figure out people’s true intentions through them.

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