7-Second Riddles

Test your skills with an unusual intelligence test! These IQ questions with answers will definitely make you do some hard thinking 馃槈 If you need to wake up your brain and prepare it for solving difficult tasks, these riddles are the best way to do it 馃槈

00:14 – Alex got back from work and found out that his son was killed! Who is the killer? Use all your logical skills and detective mind to solve this crime!
01:31 – A tricky quiz on weapon that you can crack even if you’re not so good at history. I believe you’ve seen most of these weapons in movies and video games so it won’t be difficult at all. But just in case, this is a quiz with answers so you can always look it up; I won’t tell anyone!馃槈
03:32 – A hard riddle that will make you think hard. For some people, it’s not so easy indeed to say she was guilty for sure. What do you think about this complicated criminal case?
04:51 – A tricky crime riddle only a professional can solve! Exercise your brain by racking it over this case. Check all the evidence carefully and you will spot the liar for sure. Don’t hesitate to pause the video, this riddle with an answer is a really hard one!
06:27 – Mrs. Smith found out that her husband was cheating on her with one of the staff. There are three girls working for them: the maid, the babysitter, and the gardener. Who is the lover?
07:55 – Challenge your brain with this short but tricky picture riddle and test your intelligence! Only the smartest ones will be able to solve all of them, so if you do you’re a real genius!
09:16 – The house of your dreams…How does it look like? The house can say a lot about its owner. Try out this visual test to reveal your true character!
10:58 – A classic criminal riddle to improve your IQ level and boost your detective skills! It’s a dark and thrilling story, so focus your mind and try to not get scared. Will you be a match for this riddle?
12:21 – Which nanny is poorer and why? A visual quiz to boost your brain and test your intelligence.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you!

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