10 Twisted Crime Riddles With Answers

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Speed up your brain with a set of 10 twisted crime riddles with answers! If you want to exercise your brain and increase your brain capacity then you should definitely start solving riddles every day! It’s a fun and effective way to increase logical skills. And remember, you’re always welcome to share your answers in the comments:

00:14 – Who was going to kill Mr.Pale? A difficult criminal case to test your detective skills and increase your logic!
01:47 – An easy math brain game with a tricky answer! Only those who have a well-trained brain will answer correctly 😉
03:16 – Who is the killer? A logic brain teaser that will speed up your brain and boost your IQ!
04:15 – A detective riddle that will blow your mind away (because it’s hard to believe everything can go THAT BAD!). You will have to carefully collect all evidence and identify the liar before the news breaks and it sends the whole city into a panic!
06:03 – A tricky brain teaser that will boost your logical skills and increase your brain power!
07:02 – Larry was killed last night! The police talked to his relatives and friends and got to know that Larry had 3 enemies. Who killed him?
08:10 – Four friends were driving to the party. Suddenly they crashed a car in front of them! Who was driving?
09:16 – A fun quiz for all the personality test lovers! What kind of car will you drive?🚗 Share your result in the comments!
11:34 – Who killed the taxi driver?! A mind-blowing criminal case to improve your logic and analytical thinking!
12:58 – What should you do to survive? A logic brain teaser that will test your ability to think outside the box!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!

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