10 Tricky Riddles To Sharpen Your Brain

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Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: and sharpen your brain with a set of 10 tricky riddles! Here is an awesome mix of different puzzles to test your logical skills, critical thinking, and attentiveness. Give your brain a great workout with a portion of brain exercises and improve your intelligence! Don’t forget to share your answers to the trickiest riddles in the comments below!

00:00 – Warm up your brain! How did he know?

01:03 – Test your logic! Which dish is weird?

01:53 – Improve your IQ! Is he guilty?

03:34 – Test your detective skills! Who is the disguised criminal?

04:38 – Increase your brain power! Who is her husband?

05:45 – These quizzes will test your analytical skills! Who is the millionaire?

07:33 – Another tricky test! Who earns $1M?

08:32 – Boost your attentiveness! Where do bachelors live?

TELL me in the COMMENTS which puzzle made you do some hard thinking!

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