10 STRANGEST ENGINES of ALL TIME | What is the Most Unusual Weird Engine?



Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first internal combustion engine in 1872 by American George Brayton. Since then there have been a lot of new engine designs, and even some so crazy that people said they would never even work. Some of these engines are super rare and unusual, so if you’re a gearhead and you love cars and engines, then buckle up and check out the most unusual engines!

The VR6 was designed as a ‘narrow angle’ engine with VW designing two narrow cylinder blocks which are 15 degrees apart and sharing a single cylinder head. The ‘V’ describing the shape and the ‘R’ referring to the fact that the cylinders were inline. It is the offset banks of cylinders that gives the engine its unique sound.

The Mazda Rotary engine was an incredibly unique design that had everyone won-dering how it worked. Felix Wankel himself was a German engineer who came up with his version of a rotary engine way back in the 1920s. A rotary engine is a barrel-shaped internal combustion engine that lacks many of the major parts you’d find in a conventional piston engine.

Some hybrid cars can be equipped with the Free-Piston Range Extender which runs on pump gas and in turn generates electricity allowing the vehicle to charge while you are driving it. The piston driven petrol engine gives an electric car owner the flexibility of long range travel, and connects directly to an electric motor.

Many people probably do know that in the late 60’s and early 70’s Cadillac made the largest engine available on a car at 500 cubic inches, it is old engines and it was among the most powerful engines available at the time and owners expected this.

Usually a combustion engine comes in one co mpression only, and the higher the compression ratio matched with the necessary higher octane fuel, the more power you get out of the engine. The problem is that high compression engines will also eat a lot more fuel and also put out a lot more emissions. The variable compression engine can alter its compression ratio, which is the volume of the combustion chamber when a piston is at the bottom of the stroke compared to when it reaches the top.

The Tucker Type O-335 is a horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine that was de-rived from an air-cooled Bell 47 helicopter engine designed and built by Franklin for use in World War II.

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