10 Short Tests And Riddles To Jump Start Your Brain

7-Second Riddles

Jump start your brain with a mix of 10 short riddles and tests! Solving riddles and quizzes 20 minutes a day improves your logical thinking and enlarges your general knowledge. If you want your brain to work faster then try to solve different puzzles on a daily basis and the result will surprise you! You’re welcome to share your progress in the comments!

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00:14 – Who could commit this terrible crime? They were having such a nice day in the campsite… Now you will have to carefully question and search the suspects without throwing a scare. The faster you solve this crime riddle, the less stress their friends will have. So, Detective, hurry up, you have not so much time to solve this case!
01:14 – Well, Detective, it’s days like this when only incredibly rapid reaction can save your life. Now you need to give us a clue how one can recognize that their soul mate is up to no good. There should be some small details in this riddle that we, ordinary mortals, can’t see. Will you be able to crack this crime riddle before time’s over?
02:10 – Oops, it seems his wife’s cheating on him! But how can he find out with whom? He needs a great detective indeed, will you help him? A cool picture puzzle for the best detectives only (amateurs will have to watch from the outside this time). Are you smart enough to crack this visual riddle?
03:10 – A brain-itching crime riddle only a highly intelligent one can solve! How could the famous killer fail this time? You will have to rack your brain and find the answer. Can you do this before the time is over? A hard detective riddle with an answer to exercise your brain!
04:56 – I want to play a game😈A deadly game where you will have to choose the less evil. Only your logic will help you make the only right choice and survive, so think carefully; I won’t give you any hints! Are you ready to struggle for your life?
05:57 – If you ever dream about being an FBI agent, you must know this job requires brilliant logic and perfect memory. But even if you don’t, it’s always good to boost your skills, isn’t it? So here is a perfect training riddle for your brain that will test your memory and the ability to point out and grasp important details. How many questions can you answer?
08:13 – A tricky crime riddle we can’t solve without an experienced Detective! Would you help us this time? Your brilliant logic and great analytical skills will let you solve this case for sure! If you need some more time to find the answer, just pause the video and take your time😜
09:22 – How many mistresses does he have? What do you think? Improve your logical skills with this tricky visual puzzle and share your thoughts in the comments!
10:09 – Are you ready to know some unpleasant (likely) truth about yourself or your partner? If you’re brave enough, you can take this short personality test and get to know if you’re really as good as you think. Just be honest answering the questions and count your points carefully. So, what is your answer?😈

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz and if you agree with its results!

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