7-Second Riddles

If you are about to have an exam (say tomorrow), then set aside your notebooks just for 15-20 minutes, and try to solve these logic riddles with answers, that will stretch your brain and push it to work to the max. When something is boring our brain tend to be lazy and refuse to think, but once you offer something fun like riddles with answers, then your brain gets excited:

00:14 – Being a customs official, you have to be double-observant and mega-smart to crack the tricks smugglers come up with! Will you be able to identify smuggles among these travelers? If you do this, you can consider you’ve passed the test and a promotion is in your pocket😉So, how quickly will you solve this crime riddle?
01:51 – Sometimes a criminal comes up with a perfect crime, but then gives oneself away the most stupidly, huh 😁 A good detective just has to catch and handcuff them (and get his paycheck). Test your detective skills with this funny crime riddles with answer. Let’s see who’s the best detective here😉
03:38 – A tough personality test where you will have to decide who deserves being saved from fire😱 I hope you will never have to decide this in real life (and me either). However, this is a test and you have to choose only one variant which can reveal something interesting about your personality😉 What would you do?
04:44 – It’s always difficult to suspect the people you used to trust, but sometimes we have no choice. This is a detective riddle with answer to check if you’re a cold-minded and logical one. You have to decide between three employees who have been with you for a long time; one of them stole your money. Take your time and don’t let your emotions prevail over your common sense. Who could do it? Share your ideas in the comments!
06:01 – Blood is thicker than water and true love can overcome everything, have you heard them saying this? I believe this is true and Jake’s girlfriend and sister have just proved that! They came up with an ingenious plan and managed to get him out of prison, so now you’re the only one who can reveal the accomplices. Well, Sherlock, here are four suspects, and two of them are definitely guilty. Who but you can stop the criminals before it’s too late?
07:44 – This is one of the greatest bets I’ve ever seen in my life and I still can’t get if he is a cheater or a genius! This tricky riddle with answer will definitely make you scratch your brain looking for a a loophole in the rules. If you managed to crack this trick by yourself, then you must the as ingenious as the boy in this riddle! Do you use your super brain power to cheat people?😜
08:56 – A tricky survival riddle where you have only one chance to get away alive! Do save your life, you will have to rack your brain hard and come up with a really ingenious solution as the guards will show no pity at all. Take your time and think well, you can even pause the video to think a little bit more and don’t let them confuse you!
10:14 – Listen to this guy carefully, because something doesn’t match in his story! If you figure out what doesn’t match, you’ll crack this crime riddle wide open! Enjoy this easy riddle before moving on to the main brain workout (this is the only easy riddle in this compilation).
11:46 – I bet no one can crack this impossible riddle within the given time! I paused the video and tried to figure out the couples, but I just got my brain exploded. If you can solve this short riddle before the time passes out, then you must be a new Sherlock Holmes indeed! The only hint I can give you is use your logic and keep all the information in mind as each word is a clue. Are you among the smartest people here?😉
12:55 – Fun brain teaser and picture riddle for the most attentive of us.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last riddle! Who is the girlfriend? It’s kind of obvious, BUT it might be trickier than you think 🙂

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