10 Rich Celebrities Who Used To Be HOMELESS


10 famous people who found success after being left without a home. Some lived in the streets, others in a car, but they all found a way to pick themselves up and triumph.
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Homelessness is much more common than the media makes us believe. Even some of the richest and most famous people in the world have experienced homelessness. Considering that most homeless people are temporarily homeless, meaning that a sudden event changes one’s living situation for a couple of weeks, the stereotype of the weathered, veteran homeless man isn’t really fair. Sure, that type exists, but so do many others. Some people become homeless for stereotypical reasons, like substance abuse, but this can also happen for reasons outside of one’s control, like an apartment fire. Some people, of which a few examples will be found in this video, become homeless on purpose. For these people, having a permanent home is secondary to career success – and people seeking fame will gladly forfeit housing at the beginning of their careers for mansions in the future.

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