7-Second Riddles

Improve your attention and train your logic with these picture riddles and hard brain games with answers! Some of these puzzles are super easy to crack, but some will make you think for a while 😉 So, get ready to spend a lot of time solving these brain games. But the result is worth it! You will boost your logical skills and exercise your brain.

00:14 – Hey, Detective, this new crime riddle is exactly what you need! The police are stumped and need your sharp mind and hawk eye to solve this case. The Stone family are the suspects, but who exactly could do this terrible thing? You will need to use your logic to understand the meaning of the clue and find whom the trail leads to.
01:38 – Sometimes we see something important just in the corner of the eye and it’s kept in our subconscious. If we’re able to remember about it at the right moment, it can save our lives. Let’s test how attentive you are with this short riddle with answers. Even if attentiveness is not your strong suit, you can test your instincts and try to identify the safe car. Which one would you get in?
02:41 – A tricky mind-blowing puzzle that will test your logic and attentiveness! Who is lying?
03:50 – Hey, Detective, you’re facing probably the hardest choice of your life! If you make a mistake, you will destroy your best friend with your own hands. This is a hard mystery riddle only a genius with a strong mind and nerves of steel can crack. The mission seems to be impossible, but there is still a way you can find out who your real friend is. Will you find it before time’s over?
05:14 – You won’t believe how much our everyday habits and small details in our appearances can tell about our personality. I’ll prove it to you right now! Take this short test with answers and you’ll see I’m telling the truth. All you have to do is remember the way you carry your bag and wait for the answers. You will be surprised!
06:44 – A thrilling riddle only a psycho or genius can solve! Seriously, if you get it right, then you must have put yourself in the place of the killer, right? Only a psycho or a cold rational thinker can do this! I hope you’re just incredibly smart, ha-ha…
08:41 – What you’re going to see now is probably the hardest (imagined) situation ever. Your son decided to smuggle some cheap marijuana across the border (a young fool🤦‍♀️) and got caught. He faces a real risk of life imprisonment. Your wife would like to help him so much and even go into prison for him, but you have a little daughter, do you remember? What would you do? A hard riddle without answer for the bravest people!
09:56 – Who kidnapped Cupid? Turn on your logic, Detective, and try to solve this tricky criminal case!
11:45 – A new criminal case that will boost your detective skills and test your logical thinking! Try to solve it before the time is up!
13:40 – Who is kidnapped? A tricky visual puzzle that will test your attentiveness to the details!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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