10 MYSTERIOUS Archaeological Discoveries Found Underwater


10 most mysterious archaeological discoveries found underwater! These underwater ocean finds will shock you just as it did archaeologists. The most amazing archaeological finds will most likely be made underwater due to the fact that most of the Earth’s surface is covered in water!

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10 – Elongated skulls found in Maya underwater cave

9 – Artifacts of the first-ever ancient naval battle!

8 – Incredible discovery of boat wreck in Croatia dated to 3,200 years!

7 – 2,000-year-old entire Roman medicinal pill found in the sunken vessel!

6 – 11,000-year-old underwater relics!

5 – The perfectly conserved ancient Chinese underwater city

4 – Mysterious 10,000-year-old underwater site in Japan!

3 – The controversial underwater structures of Zakynthos

2 – The 5,000-year-old underwater city in Southern Greece!

1 – Ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion, on the border between myth and reality

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