10 Most HEAVILY GUARDED Locations


Top 10 most protected places on earth.
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Some things are better left concealed from the general public. These things are either a threat to the public good, or the public’s discovery is a threat to the private, or government, good. Gold, classified documents, and even entire countries make up the material that individuals and groups sacrifice billions of dollars in resources to protect from outside infringement. This protection is sometimes elaborate and resembles something that a supervillain would construct. One such place, the Pionen bunker in Stockholm, Sweden, which protects the country’s internet servers, was actually inspired by the villains’ lairs in James Bond films. Other heavily guarded locations employ soldiers, motion sensors, and the most complex locks ever invented to protect the valuable resources inside. Some of the finest technology goes into issues of public and private security, which is sometimes more amazing than the things it protects.

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