10 Most Exclusive Cars On Earth!


10 Most Exclusive Cars On Earth!
Best Concept Cars in The world!
Renault TREZOR
This project was presented at the Paris auto show in 2016. Renault Trezor received a dynamic silhouette, narrow headlights and panels engraved with different textures.

Rolls Royce 103EX
The Rolls Royce 103ex project was first introduced in London in 2016. The vehicle received completely closed front wheels, separated from the hood by an oval-shaped roof and an open rear.

Mercedes Vision Van
This vehicle combines innovative solutions for the delivery of goods in the city and its surroundings. The vans will be connected to the net and the car will be equipped with telematics equipment, and digital technologies, thus becoming the main element of the delivery process.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6
This electric vehicle has a flat battery of 80 kilowatt-per-hour, installed under its floor, that feeds an electric power unit of 750 horsepower. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, the maximum speed is limited by the electrical system to about 250 km/h.

Faraday FFZero1
This vehicle is an all electric hyper car. This creation has a futuristic appearance with a minimum ground clearance, abundance of curves and many aerodynamic elements.

Nissan Blade Glider
This concept with a narrow front, and a wide rear may seem controversial in terms of stability. In addition, it not only provides exotic appearance, but also a good aerodynamics.

BMW Vision Next-100
Thanks to the characteristics of its artificial intelligence, this vehicle can anticipate the development of the situation on the road, give valuable advice to the driver and solve some of the problems on its own.

SRT Tomahawk Grand Turismo
This car will be presented in three versions, that are urban, racing and experimental versions. Depending on the version this hyper car will be equipped with engines from 1007 to 2590 horsepower.

Mercedes Benz F015
The main mode of the car is unmanned. Four passengers sit face to face in comfortable seats. At your service there is a lot of electronic means of communication and entertainment and the usual manned mode in this vehicle is only auxiliary.

Toyota Supra FT1
This car will be equipped with a 3.5-liter v6 turbo compressor engine combined with a 7-speed transmission. A powerful engine will generate 450 horsepower, more than enough for a fast ride.

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