10 Most Dangerous Waterslides Ever Created


The scariest waterparks and waterslides that exist around the world
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With break-neck speeds, intense vertical drops, and loop-de-loops that’ll make you hair stand on end, these waterslides are enough to scare any adrenaline junkie out of their swim trunks.

From the USA to the coast of South America and over in Italy and Germany in Europe as well, engineers have constructed some of the most intimidating thrill rides to have ever been opened to the public. Nine times out of ten, despite the thought of danger for all of those biting their nails while they wait in line, it’s all smooth sailing. Sometimes, however, the designs of the slides are far too ambitious, and the rides end up being too dangerous, ending with tragic consequences. Let’s take at the 10 Most Dangerous Waterslides Ever Created. Would you be brave enough?

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