10 Logic Riddles for Kids That Stump Most Adults


How to Boost Your Brain Quickly. Do you think you are smarter than other people and have exceptional logic? Test your brain and your analytical skills with our incredibly hard riddles. If you solve puzzles and riddles regularly, you’re giving your brain a workout it needs and increasing your IQ level. Now, these riddles might seem easy, but only the bright minds can solve them. Let’s see if you’re one of them.

Riddle #1. The pyramid mystery 0:44
Riddle #2. 3 words 1:42
Riddle #3. Family secret 3:00
Riddle #4. Mysterious shape 4:08
Riddle #5. The right number 5:08
Riddle #6. Letters with a hidden meaning 6:15
Riddle #7. The library secret 7:23
Riddle #8. Letter sequence 8:29
Riddle #9. 2 equations 9:28
Riddle #10. Number progression 10:25

-In what order will you see the colors of the toy pyramid from the top view?
-Can you find out what the words on a broken glass board are and find the odd one out?
-Imagine a family with 2 mothers, 2 daughters, one grandmother, and one granddaughter. The question is simple: how many people are in this family?
-Can you spot the shape that’s an odd one out?
-Can you figure out what the next number should be in the sequence and why?
-Find out what the last names behind letter combinations are and identify the odd one out.
-What are the 3 missing letters in the sequence?
-Do you have any idea which number should be in the place of this question mark and why?
-Can you find the mistake in the number progression?

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