10 HUGE Waves That Don’t Look Real!


The ocean is one of the world’s most dangerous places with some of the biggest and scariest waves in the world! Towering over boats and these are some of the scariest caught on camera!

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Nothing in this world is more powerful, more destructive, or more exhilarating than our oceans. When Mother Nature comes out to play, giant swells can form in an instant, causing terrifying walls of water to smash into cruise ships, surge towards coastlines, and infiltrate built-up cities.

We witnessed the devastating tsunamis of 2004 and 2011 wreak havoc in Thailand and Japan, while typhoons and natural wind waves have created astounding waves everywhere from Alaska to Australia in the meantime.

While these waves can send beachgoers running high ground in panic, some surfers relish the opportunity to ride some of the world’s largest whitewater.

Would you be brave enough to come face to face with one of these waves?

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