10 Greatest Police Chases Of All Time


The police have been chasing criminals virtually since the dawn of time! Charging hard in their 5-0 cruisers, bad guys have been trying to escape in dangerous high speed pursuits – and these – are the 10 greatest we could find real footage for !
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Real-life police chases can be just as crazy as they are in the movies. Criminals have come up with some incredibly creative ways to outmaneuver officers. While these techniques almost never work, they do lead to some pretty intense hot pursuits. Some of these chases have been so hot that they’ve literally lead to flaming vehicles rushing the highway. And the vehicles involved in these crazy chases can be anything from a gigantic RV or lumber truck to a tiny little skateboard and everything in between. On our list you’ll find everything from reckless drivers who brought their baby along for a pursuit to children who were just too bored and decided they didn’t need their parents to be their chauffeurs anymore.

Here’s our list of 10 times officers got a lot more than they bargained for during high-speed pursuits.

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