10 Foods You Don’t Know Are ILLEGAL


10 items of food that are banned from eating around the world.
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We all need food to survive, but what happens when our government won’t let us have certain items? From environmental reasons to health reasons to public enjoyment reasons, this video is full of culinary delights that have legislators shaking in their boots. Whether it’s a very smelly fruit or some maggot-filled cheese, our list contains some forbidden foods that are sure to shock you. We’ve compiled information from foodies across the globe to bring you these surprising, and often silly, laws. While some candies are staples for European children, their American counterparts don’t know that they exist. Likewise, many American foods are heavily regulated when they’re exported to other countries. Are you a picky eater? Then look no further, because in this video, we’ll tell you which fish you DON’T want to have in your sushi roll.

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