10 Facts You Don’t Know About MARCH MADNESS


10 things you may not know about the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.
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March Madness rivals the World Series, Super Bowl, and NBA Finals in popularity. And in terms of pure competition, this college tournament is often the most exciting. Since it uses a single-elimination format, the tournament plays more like Russian roulette than a sporting event. Every game is sudden death; every team puts all they have into every game. It’s epic, plain and simple. Doing much to boost the popularity of March Madness is the bracket system, which is the perfect model for sports betting. People, who care more about personal victory than any team’s success, fill out their bracket sheets and compete against millions to see who’s the most accurate. This fuels the tournament’s fire, making people truly “mad” for March Madness. It’s the best tournament for joint sports and fan participation. It’s multi-level competition. It’s Sportception.

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