10 Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Summer

5 minute crafts

Keep the kids busy and entertained all summer long! With many different ideas to choose from, these 10 Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Summer are perfect for all ages. If the kids are bored or want enjoy some crafting in the sun, they’ll love these creative ideas that range from home decor to cardboard creations and cool painting ideas.

Spice up your living space with DIY Paintings! For our first craft, we’ll show you how to make a Sponge Tape Painting and Flower Tape Painting. Both of these ideas are super easy and great for beginners because they don’t require much intricate painting! Hang these on the wall and decorate the house with gorgeous DIY art.

The more crafts, the merrier! Get those creative juices flowing with our Felt Panda Coasters and Travel Fishing Game. These are both super easy to make and use felt as the main crafting material.

Cardboard is a great versatile crafting material! Next up, we will show you how to make adorable cardboard objects ranging from a DIY Pirate Ship to a DIY Rocket Ship. The kids will love playing around with these fun creations.

Need some other ideas? To wrap things up, we’ll show you two different monster crafts! From our Tissue Box Monster Slipper to Felt Monster Hat, these ideas will put a little roar into your little’s ones day!

See the below timestamps to jump to a specific craft!

0:08 – Sponge Tape Painting
1:27 – Flower Tape Painting
1:56 – Cardboard Pirate Ship
3:01 – Felt Panda Coaster
4:21 – Cardboard Rocket Ship
5:09 – Travel Fishing Game
6:23 – Straw Candle Holder
7:01 – Tissue Box Monster Slippers
8:10 – Hanging Straw Heart
9:16 – Felt Monster Hat


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