10 Disney Stars Who Got In Trouble With The Law


Disney channel child stars who grew up and had legal issues.
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When a young actor joins the Disney Channel, they’re expected to maintain an innocent image for the media. With all that pressure on them to be perfect, it’s no wonder that some of them crack. To see who’s messed up, check out our video on 10 Disney Stars Who Got In Trouble With The Law.

Miley Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana” co-star Mitchel Musso was a minor when he first got arrested. But you’ll have to keep watching to see what criminal offence he was caught committing.

We all know Britney Spears as a pop star, but did you know that she got her start on “The All New Mickey Mouse Club?” This former Disney princess got booked for a hit-and-run after she was caught red-handed on camera.

From Shia LaBeouf to Debby Ryan to David Henrie, there are many Disney stars who weren’t able to keep it PG. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see why one “Zeke and Luther” star’s broken family is what probably led him down the wrong path.

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