10 Crazy Things Elon Musk Secretly Enjoys


Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur enjoys some pretty unexpected crazy things that will actually make you appreciate him even more!

Even if he’s primarily known for his work with TESLA, Space X and PayPal, you might be surprised by the type of tv shows he watches, the video games he likes to play and everything he does when he’s not working 80-100 hours a week.

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He often skips meals and has given dating a miss in the past in order to focus on his work. And that’s always the way it’s been, ever since he was a young kid. Elon’s obsession with space has become his namesake and it’s almost always the first thing that someone will point out about him.

But there’s plenty more to Elon than initially meets the eye. Because when he’s not hard at work or catching some well-earned nap time, he does have a few hobbies that he likes to devote a set amount of time to.

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